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Hand Torque Wrenches

Industrial Torque Wrench Adjustable Models

  • Robust construction gives accurate results, to 4%, even in arduous working conditions.
  • Every wrench supplied with a calibration certificate to satisfy requirements of ISO 9000:2000.
  • The large break angle improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of over torquing.
  • Cam control of the mechanism gives a controlled break which will not throw the operator off balance.
  • Dual scaled, N.m and lbf.ft.
  • Models 4R and 4AR are supplied in a carry case for storage and protection.
  • If storage space is limited, for example in vehicle tool kits, models 4R to 5R can be supplied in two piece form where the longer of the pieces is 900mm.
Item #ModelSquare DriveEngagements
per Revolution
120013AR3/4 in48
120064R3/4 in48
120074AR3/4 in48
120095R3/4 in48
120125AR3/4 in48