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Hand Torque Wrenches

Professional Torque Wrench Models 550 - 1500

  • Accuracy of 3% of reading.
  • Traceable calibration certificate supplied.
  • Non length dependent. Extension handle can be used to reduce operator effort
    (handle supplied as standard with Model 800, 1000 and 1500).
  • Positive ‘click’ can be heard, seen and felt.
  • Low weight - Model 1000 just 5.8kg.
  • Long scale length in N.m and lbf.ft allows error free setting.
  • Fine 60 tooth ratchet allows the wrench to be used in confined areas.
  • Supplied in carry case for storage and protection.
Item #TypeModel
14001Ratchet Adjustables550
14015Ratchet Adjustables800
14016Ratchet Adjustables800
14002Ratchet Adjustables1000
14003Ratchet Adjustables1000
14004Ratchet Adjustables1500
14005Ratchet Adjustables1500
14011Adjustable Torque Handles550 TH
14012Adjustable Torque Handles550 TH
14013Torque Handles ‘P’ Type550 THP
14014Torque Handles ‘P’ Type550 THP
14006Ratchet ‘P’ Type550 ‘P’
14017Ratchet ‘P’ Type800 ‘P’
14018Ratchet ‘P’ Type800 ‘P’
14007Ratchet ‘P’ Type1000 ‘P’
14008Ratchet ‘P’ Type1000 ‘P’
14009Ratchet ‘P’ Type1500 ‘P’
14010Ratchet ‘P’ Type1500 ‘P’