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Hand Torque Wrenches

Professional Torque Wrench ‘Automotive’ Ratchet Models

The Professional torque wrench offers an ideal combination of accuracy, robust construction, comfort and ease of use.

The reversible ratchets on these models are designed with compact dimensions and a narrow engagement angle resulting from the 72 tooth pattern. These features make the wrench ideal for use in the confined spaces of modern motor vehicles and many other applications.

  • Accuracy of 3% of reading exceeds all international standards for torque wrenches.
  • Every wrench is supplied with a calibration certificate to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9000:2000.
  • Soft feel handle provides excellent grip even in oily conditions.
  • Handle material and lens resist all chemicals in common automotive, industrial and aviation use.
  • Locking mechanism prevents accidental adjustment of the wrench during operation.
  • Long scale graduated in N.m and lbf.ft allows for foolproof and accurate setting.
  • Supplied in moulded box for storage and protection.
Item #ModelSquare DriveEngagements
per Revolution
13010603/8 in72
13011601/2 in72
130121003/8 in72
130131001/2 in72
130142001/2 in72