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Hand Torque Wrenches

Professional Torque Wrench Torque Handles

Norbar Torque Handles are based on the ‘Professional’ wrench range and share the same high precision engineering.

Two end fitting styles are catered for: 16mm diameter spigot type and the 9 x 12mm and 14 x 18mm rectangular type.

For many applications a spanner end fitting rather than a socket is the best or, often, the only solution. Typically this will be because the joint is a pipe union (such as a brake pipe).

Item #TypeEnd FittingModel
13018Adjustable16 mm Spigot60 TH
13019Adjustable16 mm Spigot100 TH
13020Adjustable16 mm Spigot200 TH
13021Adjustable16 mm Spigot300 TH
13022Female Ended Adjustable9 x 12 mm60 TH
13023Female Ended Adjustable9 x 12 mm100 TH
13024Female Ended Adjustable9 x 12 mm200 TH
13025Female Ended Adjustable14 x 18 mm200 TH
13026Female Ended Adjustable14 x 18 mm300 TH
11167Production ‘P’ Type16 mm Spigot60 TH
11143Production ‘P’ Type16 mm Spigot100 TH
11144Production ‘P’ Type16 mm Spigot200 TH
11117Production ‘P’ Type16 mm Spigot300 TH
11170Female Ended Production ‘P’ Type9 x 12 mm60 TH
11150Female Ended Production ‘P’ Type9 x 12 mm100 TH
11151Female Ended Production ‘P’ Type9 x 12 mm200 TH
11152Female Ended Production ‘P’ Type14 x 18 mm200 TH
11153Female Ended Production ‘P’ Type14 x 18 mm300 TH