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Hand Torque Wrenches

Professional Torque Wrench ‘Industrial’ Ratchet Models

These wrenches offer the same outstanding features as those on the previous page but with a wider model range – up to 400 N.m – and a different ratchet concept.

The push-through ratchets on these models are robustly engineered for strength and durability. The strength and high wear resistance comes from the design of the tooth pattern while a principle of offset ratchet pawls gives a narrow engagement angle.

The push through square drive is not only a robust design but allows the wrench to be used for torque control in both the clockwise and anti clockwise directions. Please note that the 3/4” square drive of the Model 400 has to be removed and re-inserted on the other side of the ratchet head rather than pushed through.

Item #ModelSquare DriveEngagements
per Revolution
13042603/8 in72
13043601/2 in72
130441003/8 in72
130451001/2 in72
130462001/2 in72
130473001/2 in60
130493301/2 in60
130504003/4 in60