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Hand Torque Wrenches

Professional Torque Wrench Production ‘P’ Types

‘P’ Type wrenches are designed for the production environment where they will be set and then dedicated to a particular application. There is no scale, the wrench must be set against a torque testing device such as Norbar’s Professional Torque Tester.

‘P’ Type wrenches are available with two ratchet types – ‘Industrial’ and ‘Automotive’ and as ‘Torque Handles’ for interchangeable end fittings.

Item #ModelSquare DriveEngagements
per Revolution
11164Automotive Ratchet60 ‘P’3/8 in72
11171Automotive Ratchet60 ‘P’1/2 in72
11138Automotive Ratchet100 ‘P’3/8 in72
11139Automotive Ratchet100 ‘P’1/2 in72
11140Automotive Ratchet200 ‘P’1/2 in72
13051Industrial Ratchet60 ‘P’3/8 in72
13052Industrial Ratchet60 ‘P’1/2 in72
13053Industrial Ratchet100 ‘P’3/8 in72
13054Industrial Ratchet100 ‘P’1/2 in72
13055Industrial Ratchet200 ‘P’1/2 in72
13057Industrial Ratchet300 ‘P’1/2 in60
13056Industrial Ratchet400 ‘P’3/4 in60